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For Wedding Events Nothing's flat about our world. That's how we keep yours rounded. With surreal, larger-than-life experiences!
We work hard, So you can play hard. You only live Once. Try it our way.

Exhibitions are meant for displaying New Brands, New products and generate business among the masses and also to create huge brand awareness.

Elite Entertainment specializes in designing events for all (Personal / Private / Corporates). Elite Entertainment takes the pride in the ability to listen, understand and interpret the initial essence of the event, translating thoughts and words into reality.

We work as a boutique event organization that executes variety of work ranging from televised shows to corporate events.

Some believe we’re an event agency, others, a creative garage, content managers, social engagement outfit, experiential marketing monastery and brand buddies.


We just call ourselves Elite Events Pvt Ltd. All of the above rolled into one, neat and creatively curious communication agency.

We’re not following Lines, nor we walk Below The Line (That’s against our style), neither we glide Above The Line (It’s rude and arrogant) pun intended. We treat lines merely as designing element, and a sole element cannot define our creativity, culture and cult.

‘Elite Events’, like the Atlas is holding up tight, the Sphere of our services and solution, be it event marketing, communication marketing, incentive programs, conferences, offsites, exhibitions or even Digital Marketing.

We have an enormous pool of diverse creative talent, not to mention expertise in ideas, strategy, technology and execution. And clients have open access to it all. Think of it as an experiential marketing agency with no borders, no barriers (and as importantly, no bureaucracy)

Ellite Exhibitions

New Exhibition Planning & Space SellingSponsorship ManagementComplete Stall Designing & FabricationManaging Exhibition StructurePre-Fabricated Stalls-including Tables, Chairs, Carpet, Lighting etc.Food and Hospitality ManagementComplete Solution Branding, Advertising & Marketing CollateralsComplete Solution of Supplying Audio - Video equipmentsManaging Host, Hostess & Emcees

Elite Events Services

Every small, medium and large scale enterprises need to expand their business and provide motivational support and marketing support to their employees and all the other stakeholders. Corporates need to organise event s to promote their products, team meetings, board meetings and employee engagement programs.

We at Moments believe that corporates and their employees should focus on their core activities and leave the worries of their events to us.

Our Clients

We believe that every action creates an ‘Event’ in life.